Reconciliation of Family & Career

JGU offers its employees and students who have children or care for a relative many possibilities to improve the compatibility of career and family.

In addition to financial benefits (parental benefits, child benefits, care benefits, interest-free loans in the event of needing long-term care, special scholarships), parents or family carers can make use of rules and provisions which will help them to better coordinate the challenges they face at work and at home. For instance, they may take some time off work (parental leave, leave for people who care for a relative, study leave of absence), reduce their working hours or teaching load, or apply for teleworking.

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) places considerable emphasis on providing for the reconciliation of career and family when recruiting excellent employees at all qualification levels. Providing JGU’s staff with the relevant information, competent advice, financial support and appropriate working conditions so as to relieve and support them is one the university’s major concerns.

Staff members of JGU have four childcare facilities available on campus and three daycare centers at the University Medical Center. Moreover, all members of JGU have access to flexible short-term childcare.

The central contact point regarding all questions on the reconciliation of family and career is JGU’s Family Services Center which, among other things, provides detailed information on matters such as caring for a relative, childcare centers on campus, parent-child workrooms, activity programs for children during school holidays and childcare in emergencies or exceptional situations. The Family Services Center will gladly assist JGU members in finding the support options that best fit their individual needs.

Equal opportunities

JGU’s distinct profile is shaped by the promotion of women and equal opportunities both of which are a lived reality at JGU. Not only are they anchored in the university’s academic mission statement, but also in the administration’s mission statement, the university strategy and JGU’s Charter. JGU’s commitment has been confirmed by the Centre of Excellence Women and Science (CEWS) where JGU ranks in the top group in terms of promoting women and equal opportunities.

The CEWS ranking focuses on gender equality and evaluates universities with regard to the proportion of women among students, doctorates, habilitations and junior professors, academic and artistic staff as well as professors. Moreover, the ranking takes into account the changes and developments over time when it comes to the female share among academic and artistic staff as well as professors.