Information & Advice

JGU offers a variety of information possibilities, guidance and advisory services. The Mainz Academy of Arts and Mainz School of Music are the primary contact points for the artistic fields. Various university institutions and departments provide general information; in addition, there are further contact points assisting with specific issues.

Academy of Arts (in German only)
The Academy’s website provides information on regularly organized individual 10-minute student counseling, including feedback on work samples.

Career Service
The Career Service at JGU supports graduates as to their professional orientation, planning their professional future and acquiring skills beyond their specific expertise.

Central institutions of JGU
JGU’s central institutions fulfill interdisciplinary tasks with respect to research, teaching or continuing education.

Equal opportunities
The Office of Gender Affairs and Equal Opportunity provides information on promotion and funding options for qualified young female artists and researchers and advises women with respect to career-specific issues. Moreover, the School of Music and the Academy of Arts have their own Gender Equality Officers (websites in German only).

Family Services Center
The Family Services Center is the central contact and coordination point for all parents (to be) and for those who care for a relative in addition to their job or studies.

International Office
The International Office advises and supports graduates from abroad who are interested in joining a postgraduate studies program at the Academy of Arts or School of Music as well as JGU students who plan to study in a foreign country.

School of Music
The School of Music provides information on consecutive studies and education in cultural management as well as specific master classes. Moreover, it provides several data bases for scholarships, prizes and competitions.
Applicants for the study programs also have the opportunity to ask the heads of the study programs whether there are possibilities to audition.