Christine de Pizan Mentoring-Project
The Christine de Pizan Program is a mentoring program within the framework of gender equality measures taken by the Office of Gender Affairs and Equal Opportunity for the Faculties 01-03 and 05-07 as well as the Mainz School of Music and Mainz Academy of Arts. The program’s overarching objective is to support the career of young female doctoral and postdoctoral candidates in the humanities and social sciences who are employed at JGU.

Gutenberg Academy
The Gutenberg Academy brings together up to 25 outstanding doctoral candidates and young artists (Junior members) offering them the opportunity to participate in an intensive and regular exchange with excellent researchers and artists of JGU (Senior members). Moreover, a comprehensive mentoring program supports their further development.

Mentoring for artists in the Fine Arts by the Cultural Bureau Rhineland-Palatinate (in German only)
Young professional female artists in the fine arts, including painting, graphic design, sculpture, media art etc., are supported by a female mentor from the artistic sector. The Cultural Bureau Rhineland-Palatinate organizes and coordinates the project and funding is currently provided by the Ministry of Culture of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Mentoring program for female artists and researchers by UdK Berlin (in German only)
The Berlin University of the Arts offers a one-year mentoring program with tandems as well as an auxiliary qualifications program consisting of seminars, jour fixes, network meetings and round tables. The goal is to support highly qualified female artists who are striving for a professorship at an art and music school as well as postdoctoral female researchers (with and without professorial lecturing qualification) and junior professors who are striving to be appointed to a professorship at an art and music school.