Personnel Development Department (in German only)
The JGU’s Personnel Development Department provides coaching for example in instances when an individual is required to take on a management task, handle a situation of conflict or carry out a project etc. The focus is on professional roles, meaning any current relevant concerns in connection with which various options for action are being developed. The Personnel Development is also responsible for awarding and handling coaching contracts. There is both an internal and external coaching pool available.

Individual coaching of the Office of Gender Affairs and Equal Opportunity (in German only)
In order to support women in their further academic career, the Office offers individual coaching during the doctoral phase and directly after having obtained the doctoral degree. The offer consists of an individual coaching costs grant up to a maximum amount of EUR 1.000 per supported person for coaching with an experienced external coach.

Individual Teaching counseling (ZQ) (in German only)
The Center of Quality Assurance and Development (ZQ) offers JGU teachers individual teaching counseling and coaching that aims at improving teaching skills. This format is developed in coordination with the teachers seeking advice and supplements the teaching structure and culture of the Peer Group Coaching dedicated to individual disciplines.

Peer Group Coaching (ZQ) (in German only)
The special nature of Peer Group Coaching lies in the fact that it addresses teachers in one discipline or related disciplines. This program’s goal is to further develop teaching competences by means of university discipline-specific didactics courses as well as promote the exchange between colleagues (within one discipline as well as interdisciplinary) on teaching issues in order to meet the challenges that come with the simultaneity of individual and collective responsibility.