Good Employment Conditions

Skilled, motivated and satisfied staff members are the foundation on which a strong and excellent university is built. They are also key for the university to be and remain an attractive employer for young talents from Germany and abroad. Good employment conditions are thus a crucial concern of both the state government of Rhineland Palatinate and Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU).

In February 2015, the Rhineland Palatinate Ministry of Education, Science, Continuing Education and Culture and JGU have concluded an agreement on how to use the BAföG funds that will be released. The agreement’s objective is to support the university in tackling current challenges and thus create conditions which will allow JGU to continue to take a leading role in an increasingly international and interconnected world which is more and more shaped by knowledge. Within this context, JGU focuses in particular on strengthening research and teaching, good employment conditions, improving young researchers’ career prospects as well as ensuring sustainable measures for founding companies as well as knowledge and technology transfer.