During the postdoctoral phase, young researchers have the opportunity to apply for a position as junior research group leader. These posts are exclusively funded by third-party organizations and funding is usually limited to a period of five years. Not only is the postdoctoral researcher responsible for his or her application for the post, but he or she also has to write a project proposal for their research project as well as set up a suitable research group.

There are different programs which fund the establishment of junior research groups and provide them with the necessary budget and equipment. Non-university research institutes offer junior research group leadership positions, too. In addition to funding the researcher’s own post and the group, some of these programs also cover costs for materials and travel expenses. The amount and scope of funding vary by program.

On the following pages you will find a list of internal university funding as well as external funding options for research stays abroad, research funding, options for teaching funding, prizes and awards, publication grants as well as conference and travel funding, and references to the respective contact persons.

Experience in raising third party funding is particularly important and necessary for making an academic career in research and increases a candidate’s prospects in later appointment procedures. JGU’s Research and Technology Transfer Office advises and supports candidates with respect to raising external third party funding (e.g. EU, DFG, Volkswagen Foundation).

Different platforms provide information on current job vacancies in the university sector.