Information & Advice

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) offers young researchers a multitude of possibilities to get information, guidance and advice. Various university institutions and departments provide general information that is relevant to a doctoral project. Moreover, there are additional contact points which provide assistance concerning specific questions.

Central institutions of JGU
JGU’s central institutions fulfill interdisciplinary tasks with respect to research, teaching or continuing education.

Equal opportunity
The Office of Gender Affairs and Equal Opportunity provides information on promotion and funding options for qualified female researchers and advises women with regard to career-specific questions. It offers female junior professors individual counseling on their professional development.

Family Services Center
The Family Services Center is the central contact and coordination point for all parents (to be) and for those who care for a relative in addition to their job or studies.

Handbook for young female researchers (in German only)
The handbook for young female researchers gives a comprehensive and detailed overview of the career paths to a professorship. Moreover, it contains information on the reconciliation of family and work, parental leave provisions and regulations, and special measures to promote women.

Personnel Development (in German only)
The Personnel Development Department provides a variety of offers for every employee at JGU. They provide support throughout strategic processes of change and offer coaching and consulting services when it comes to selecting, developing and training staff. The Personnel Development is also in charge of the Family Services Center and Dual Career consultation.

International Office
JGU’s International Office gives advice to researchers who are planning a teaching or research visit in another country.

Ombudsperson for Research Practice
All members of Johannes Gutenberg University can turn to the Ombudsperson regarding good academic practice issues or in cases of academic misconduct.

Research funding
The Department of Research and Technology Transfer assists and advises early career researchers regarding questions on and searches for funding options, filing applications as well as JGU’s research environment.

Welcome Center for International Scholars
The Welcome Center is the central contact point for international visiting researchers and their families. The Center’s staff will advise researchers on all non-academic and practical issues and assist them in planning, preparing and realizing their research stay at JGU.