Continuing Education & Qualification

Different institutions at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) offer continuing education and qualification measures to acquire skills beyond individual disciplines while working on a doctoral thesis:

General Postgraduate Program
The General Postgraduate Program (GPP) is a qualification program for all doctoral candidates at JGU. It promotes research and science related skills beyond individual disciplines and helps young researchers to acquire central key qualifications for the academic and non-academic job market. Moreover, the Program gives doctoral students insights into other research cultures and supports university-wide networking as well as the exchange between doctoral candidates.

Campus Writing Workshops (in German only)
The Campus Writing Workshops offer to support teachers in integrating measures into their teaching and supervision which are suitable to teach scientific writing and academic integrity as well as collecting and deepening technical contents.

University Didactics Offer (in German only)
The University Didactics courses offered by the Evaluation Association of Institutes of Higher Education (Hochschulevaluierungsverbundes Südwest e.V.) are open to all doctoral candidates at JGU who are already active in teaching. These workshops aim at teaching and deepening basic teaching skills and offer intensive individual advisory services (coaching). The qualification program can end with the Rhineland-Palatinate-Certificate.

Methodological workshops of ZSBH (in German only)
The methodological workshops of the "Zentrum für Schul-, Bildungs- und Hochschulforschung" (ZSBH) offer introductions to and courses on the practical application of research methods to all research associates, doctoral candidates and postdocs irrespective of their discipline.

Methodological workshops (ZBH) (in German only)
The methodological workshops by the Center for Educational and Higher Education Research offer introductions to and practical courses on the practical application of research methods to all research associates, doctoral candidates and postdocs irrespective of their discipline.

Staff training on the subject Science and Research
JGU’s HR development offers all employees of JGU training and educational courses on German and international research funding programs and raising third-party funding. These staff trainings primarily focus on postdoctoral researchers, but some of the workshops are also suitable for doctoral candidates

Program for Young Female Academics (ProWeWin) (in German only)
The ProWeWin program addresses young female researchers who are in their advanced doctoral phase and female postdocs. The workshops are open to all disciplines and are developed in a way to promote the acquisition of research-related key qualifications according to different target groups.

Examination Workshop (in German only)
JGU’s Examination Workshop is intended to contribute to the development of examination methods and practices. In order to do so, training and educational opportunities in the form of workshops on skills-related examination are offered which focus on introductory subjects as well as in-depth questions.