Research & Teaching

German Research Foundation (DFG)
In addition to specific programs and prizes, DFG supports every graduate with respect to individual and thematically-focused research projects that are limited in time by awarding, among other measures, research scholarships and grants.

Forum Junge Kulturwissenschaften (in German only)
Members of the Forum can apply for funds for conferences and the organization of workshops. Applications for funding must show a clear historical-cultural sciences connection and a distinctly theoretical-methodological foundation.

Frankfurt Foundation maecenia for Women in Academia and Art (in German only)
The Frankfurt Foundation maecenia for Women in Academia and Art promotes women who carry out forward-looking projects in all fields of academic research, art and culture. In particular, maecenia supports interdisciplinary projects with a critical and constructive focus on society from the point of view of women.

Gutenberg Teaching Council (GTC)
GTC’s support measures address a large target group. Support is aimed at promoting innovative teaching projects (individual as well as focus projects) which make sustainable contributions to the further development or improvement of teaching within a field of study or beyond.

Internal University Research Funding
Early career researchers can apply for, among others, travel and networking funds. The Research and Technology Transfer staff unit provides individual advising and support.

(Status: 03/2024)